Interview with dancer, choreographer Enzo Celli

An interview with Enzo Celli, the Italian choreographer of Botega Dance Company.

Enzo Celli recently finished his workshop series at Peridance, although he will continue to teach at the school. Class with Celli is a lesson in developing self and in performing courageously. No moment is lost as a simple technical lesson; every turn and twist is a chance to hone your personal dance vocabulary in the guise of Celli's movement. He celebrates the differences within each dancer. And in turn they can celebrate themselves. 

Some of the questions that I asked Nathan Trice for my first interview did not seem like they would translate well for this interview, which was decidedly blurred through a language barrier. Celli is very, charmingly, Italian. Any attempts at irony were lost in translation; instead revealing Celli's insanely kind heart. Here is a preview of the interview. More can be read online at periblog.com

Informal Floor: The three songs at the top of your play list?

Enzo Celli:

I.F. What is your signature move?
E. C. Probably something about the density of the movement. I like density very much. This is the core of my dynamic (sensibility).

I.F. What are the three things that you think that are most beautiful?
My wife.
The Holy Spirit. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

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