all I got for xmas

No one really wants this - this picture of themselves....but no one really wants the $10 present that I would be able to afford for them. Alternately soap, socks, thoughtful book, repeat. So I hope the effort counts for more than the picture.

Here is a first step I took today towards one picture. Leaving the face blank right now because a) I like the polarization between the face and landscape and b) I'm too afraid to start messing with the face.

 (this looks brighter - the face more vibrant - on the actual paper)

I based my colors and general look on these postcards, which are currently hung over my desk as beautiful images (there are 3 different postcards- triathalon, marathon, 5k) and as a reminder that I should train for the upcoming half-marathon that I'm signed up for!

 (http://www.marintriathlon.com/merchandise.php by Victor Ottavio Marcelli)

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